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A day in the life…

Rather than do the usual councillor thing of a blow by blow account of meetings attended and discussions participated in and decisions made etc etc … I’m only going to post when there’s something slightly different or noteworthy – but a slight (ok, major) concern would be that if I don’t faithfully record the minutiae of my elected member life, does that give the impression of relative inactivity ?

It’s a judgement call for every diarist, and given that blogs are unedited diaries – how to exercise self-restraint in recording one’s life and be your own editor?

To give a flavour of a fairly typical week for meetings, this week was;

  • West End Area Committee – recycling and the new election arrangements for May 3rd the hot topics on the agenda.
  • A surgery, details of which I can’t discuss of course, but usually it’s housing cases, roads and cleansing complaints, council tax issues, and planning.
  • Labour party branch campaign meeting, May 3rd looming large..
  • A CHCP(Community Health and Social Care Partnership) briefing meeting.
  • A pre-meeting of the council executive (Glasgow’s version of a cabinet – but a hybrid version as two opposition members sit on it and we’re not in a coalition).

And the main event –  at which we set a council tax freeze for the second year in a row – the budget setting meeting of the full council.


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