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Please Mr Postman ..

I feel really sorry for the posties just now as they must be lugging around bags of political material and postal votes. Does anyone actually read the leaflets that come through the door ? I always wonder about that, especially as I’m slogging around Partick streets with my team trying to get my leaflet delivered ( unlike MSP candidates we don’t get a free mailing, have to put it through the doors , yes, second class politicos, moan moan..) Am unsure whether it’s laziness or scepticism that makes me wonder if most of what we do in campaigning isn’t just ritual , something for candidates to do to keep them going until polling day , and maybe most people who are going to vote have made their minds up already.

Had a giggle at the Libdems campaign wheeze of “handwritten” letters from their council candidate for my area – am sure if I was to compare the (printed) handwriting with the avalanche of mail my mum received from Jo Swinson in the Westminster East Dumbartonshire campaign, we would find the handwriting uncannily similar. Felt like writing back and pointing out their voter ID is a bit ropey as another sitting Labour councillor and candidate has also received a nice wee note thanking us for supporting the Lib Dems but if that was actually the case our expulsion from the party would be imminent….


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