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Shot by both sides.. ?

Opened up the Evening Times to find…

Tesco will boost area

AT long last, someone who does want Tesco in Partick (SMJ, Letters, April 20).Hopefully the good people of Partick will do the right thing on May 3 and NOT re-elect Aileen Colleran to the council. To my mind, she’s apparently not interested in reducing unemployment in the area or developing a brownfield site.

“Tesco Town” will, after all, bring money into Partick as more students move in.

Is it really the students the protesters don’t want and they’re making Tesco the scapegoat?

There was no uproar when M&S Simply Food moved into the retail park in Crow Road causing parking problems.

Come on folks, Tesco is a British company that we should be proud of.

D Henderson, Glasgow

Now, if anything is guaranteed to bring on a full attack of candidatitis (temporary loss of sanity due to impending election, resulting in irrational behaviour) , then a letter in the local paper specifically attacking you and advising people not to vote for you, is right up there in the Top Ten of Candidate Nightmare Scenarios. Incidentally , I dreamt last night that I missed the count and had nothing to wear at it – Freud, thou shouldst be living at this hour.

However, the reaction from my friends and political colleagues has been interesting, as they’re convinced I must’ve written the letter myself as there’s nothing more calculated to rally support in the area for me than something like this. The reaction by email and phone so far has been encouraging and hopefully the paper will print my reply as follows :

Naturally I disagree with D Henderson’s advice to the voters of Partick.

I make no apology for standing up for those who’ve objected in their hundreds, as I share their concerns and it’s my duty to ensure they’ve a chance to be heard in the planning process.

The council helped bring over 20,000 jobs to Glasgow last year, and we’re determined to make sure Glaswegians access employment and benefit from the city’s growing prosperity. A megastore designed to attract shoppers from far and wide will cause massive traffic problems and pollution, and jobs will be lost if local shops close.

The cost to the people of Partick in health problems and road safety isn’t worth it.

Shortage of land in the west end means alternative uses (affordable housing ?) could quickly be found for the site if Tesco are prepared to sell.

If re-elected I would be proud to continue fighting for Partick – a vibrant community that deserves the best quality of life for its residents.

Don’t know what else I can say other than – I’m not anti-Tesco (although believe there’s a debate to be had about the role of big supermarkets in our poor food culture and diet) but this development is : Too Big, Wrong Place, Traffic disaster.


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