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Is April really the cruellest month ? Last month’s weather was so pleasant that I was wading through the blossom strewn pavements ( much earlier than usual !) ) as I was delivering the leaflets that only one person in 50 will actually read….So that tells you something about my ward I suppose , hard to envisage that scenario in some areas of Glasgow but that’s what we’re working and campaigning for – cherry blossoms everywhere ! How about that for an election slogan ?
As well as contributing to global warming by adding to the torrent of paper pushed needlessly through letterboxes (what about a paperless campaign , and a pledge not to litter the streets with posters : I’m up for that !) , we’ve been busy on the phones and the doors , pestering people who’ve just settled down to watch American Idol and the Apprentice. Reality TV bites as the conventional campaign wisdom of not bothering people during Corrie is replaced by an awareness that the nation sitting down as one to watch programmes no longer applies. Why hasn’t there been a reality TV programme about an election campaign or political life – because we’re too feart that’s why , the party managers would have two fits and a bad turn at the very thought of it. I do remember an Australian programme about the mayor of a large town (forget where, does anyone know or remember it ?) that was absolutely riveting , but that was years ago.
Eve of poll and I’m strangely calm – must be the weather. – it looks set fair for tomorrow – in more ways than one ..


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