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Strange days

Having spent the last 48 hours being entirely focussed on the Partick West council result and Glasgow City Council , I’ve just surfaced to look around at the national political landscape and found that the last opinion poll before the election was correct – the vote was too close to call and the SNP have one more MSP than Labour. Not a 1992 for them, but not a 1997 either, so we’re now in for a tedious round of behind the scenes haggling as party fixers decide the future direction of the country. Thanks to PR – the panacea to all political ills and inequities according to some experts who gleefully predicted electoral wipeout in the Labour bastions …er..except that apart from Dundee, the former industrial areas and Labour heartlands are still returning mostly Labour members. The two councils still controlled by Labour outright are… yes, it’s Glasgow and North Lanarkshire – which must have some pundits choking on their lattes. That wasn’t meant to happen, PR was meant to wipe us out. How did I get on ? Re-elected with a bittersweet taste in my mouth as I was the only Labour member elected in a four member ward and the other Labour candidate (we stood 2 , all other parties stood 1 ) didnt get in. City wide the more affluent wards with the youngest electorate were the most electorally diverse and least fertile Labour territory. As to the council vote, it just showed that for this election there was no such thing as a personal vote as experienced, hard working and dedicated councillors went down because their surname was further down the alphabet than their running mates.


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