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I didn’t have the nerve to say no..

Except that surely there’s a case for any political party that truly believes in its vision and manifesto to say ‘no’ to any deal that compromises the fundamental rationale for a party’s existence ? All the bravehearts at the back wake up please.. I find it incredible that a Scottish National Party would even consider fudging an independence vote and somehow seek to govern by looking for legislative ideas from other parties and accepting that most of their manifesto can’t be delivered – that’s minority rule I guess…. Whither now for the Labour party in Scotland ? Cobbling together a deal to keep the SNP out of government isnt the answer – it’ll be interesting to see what sort of government a party of fundamentalists but gradualists , city but rural, business friendly but quasi socialist , all things to all people party can put together by way of an administration… At the same time we (ie: Labour) could have a mature debate about revisiting the devolution settlement and the Scotland Act about fiscal autonomy, more legislative powers and more devolution to local government – the sky won’t fall in if we did…


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