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I entitled this blog, Partick, Parks and Politics as those are the three things that feature large in my life – but whilst parks will always be special , it now looks as if that won’t be my remit in this council. Quel dommage – but there’s a tough job to do and someone’s got to do it and it’s yours truly – Chief Whip of the group and business manager of the council. Hell mend me for going around muttering that it’s essential we are even more organised and disciplined and it’s a key job in the administration after a PR election – hubris (or is it nemesis) ? Anyway, I’m “het” as we say in Glasgow, and I’ll be telling myself to be careful how I blog and pulling myself up for Too Much Information – back to one of my original posts, I maintain that the only truly interesting blogs are completely OTT and undisciplined and maverick. Everything else is low level propaganda bordering on drivel. Actually I take that back, there are some excellent political gossip and commentary sites, which would make me nervous if I was a paid political pundit as it’s not too difficult to envisage a future where political columns in newspapers and TV programmes can’t keep pace with the fast forward freely provided information flows on the internet..


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