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The best is yet to come …

Finally a weekend to do normal things, like meander up Dumbarton Road and Byres Road and go to the library and buy CD’s and catch up on films.. Reading.. Why Do People hate America by Ziauddin Sardar, The Big Knockover by Dashiell Hammett, listening to Amy Winehouse (they tried to make me go to rehab.. blasting out as I pencilled in names for the Licensing Board..) Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter songbook.. Seinfeld Series 5 and 6.. Glad I didnt go to see Pirates 2 in the cinema as it’s dire and goes on for far too long , then re-watched “Pushing Tin” with John Cusak and Billy Bob Thornton (superb) and finally Manon des Sources which is always worth a wee sniffle at the end – not on the same scale as the sob fest that is Glory or Field of Dreams , but still hits the emotional nerve every time. Not to list all this as evidence of a “hinterland” , but maintaining life beyond the political village is important as there’s nothing so true as the cliche that all political careers end in failure…


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