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The revolution starts now..

If the left wasn’t there, it would be necessary to invent it – some commentary in the media about the ‘failure’ of the John McDonnell campaign and the lack of challenge to Gordon Brown. Well, that was always the risk, but in the current climate, is it any wonder the prospect of internal party stushies at the very moment of maximum challenge north and south of the border concentrates minds – never mind what the media want, is it a case of united we stand, divided we fall ? For what it’s worth I believed a challenge should’ve been supported but am also wary of the ‘necessary to destroy this village in order to save it’ , mentality that floats around on the left . Being in opposition and internal party navel gazing is more attractive in some quarters in the sense of being able to be idealogically pure and not dirty your hands with the difficult decisions of governing (and am also wary of that argument as the quasi – ethical get out clause for opportunists , and those on the left in the SNP need to prepare for hearing those particular justifications some time soon ) but really it comes back to doing what you can in the situation you find yourself – small steps maybe, not a revolution as such, but I also believe that unless there is a body of opinion agitating and pointing out contradictions and prepared to shout Emperors New Clothes, then the body politic is a lot poorer.


May 26, 2007 - Posted by | Labour party

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