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West End Festival Parade last Sunday – the weather was kind, the crowds were massive, and to think it very nearly didnt happen – every year I seem to go through a special pleading exercise to explain this isn’t just a local gala day but a city-wide event that attracts people from all over and beyond Glasgow in order to secure funding. The opening launch in the Kibble was lovely (if sweaty – a glasshouse on a humid night, go figure..) and am looking forward to the events, especially the Lismore sessions. For more info go to : One year I was suckered into salsa-ing down Byres Road in a flamenco dress with a hat the size of a small nation on my head (Carmen Miranda eat your heart out) , but after seeing the photos , caution kicked in and now watch from the sidelines and take photos for the Partick Annexe Healthy Living Centre, whose dancing fruit and veg are one of the highlights of the parade.



June 12, 2007 - Posted by | West End

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  1. Its a real shame that the West End festival has to beg for money every year. People come from all over the West coast of Scotland for this event. I bumped into friends from Forth in South Lanarkshire. This is the sort of Community Arts that should be prioritised by the Council. Lets make sure that the begging bowl does not have to go out for next year!!!!!!

    Comment by Kat | June 24, 2007 | Reply

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