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I don’t like Mondays..

Just filled in a Cosla survey for councillors elected and re-elected in 2007, and we were asked to estimate how many hours a week we worked , and without being macho about this, I really think it must clock in at around 50 a week. Sometimes I think I need a good steward to represent me – but then, this isn’t a conventional job, and considering it’s a position I’ve just fought tooth and nail to retain, am not exactly complaining. Although for the first time ever we’re being paid salaries, not allowances, and have access to a pension, but it’s not quite like any other employment. An opposition member asked me this week how many weeks annual leave she should take, but that’s up to their group and her own sense of what’s appropriate, there are no hard and fast rules. In a way it’s the ultimate in self-employment on a fixed short term contract – so maybe that’s why you never clock off and end up answering emails on a Sunday evening. And then it’s straight into Monday meetings – am off to speak to the police in Partick about youth disorder in Whiteinch. When I worked in libraries we were exposed to more low level violence than people might expect – I used to laugh when people commented on what a nice safe job it was – except if you’re working in the only community facility open in the evening in some areas … the only time I’ve ever been in court was to testify to the extent of damage in Barlanark library after a wrecking spree by the local youth..


June 17, 2007 - Posted by | Whiteinch

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