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Being out of the country when events happen is always surreal and makes it
difficult to focus. I was in Birmingham for a conference on 9/11 and sitting in
a hotel room by myself only increased the sense of fear and alienation as I
watched the second plane hit the world trade centre ..So being in Dublin for a
weekend when the texts and calls alerted us to what had just happened back in
Glasgow meant that it took a while to absorb the news – perhaps eating one of
the best meals I’ve ever had in that city was distracting me – and if that seems trivial in the face of important events, one of my favourite cliches is that living well is the best revenge..

There is always a hysterical edge to breaking news coverage and speculation but it soon became clear that this was serious – not since Lockerbie has there been such an international security event in Scotland – ironic given this week’s announcement on dubiety over the conviction. The worry is that this fuels the fear of of the ‘other’ in society and now more than ever is the time to speak out for tolerance and sanity. I’ve been trying to title each posting with a relevant song title and the lyrics of this particular track are strangely resonant (with even a connection to the flooding down south..) . I didnt even know whose track it was until I did a google search , it just kept echoing in my head (and associate it with a West Wing episode title and Northern Exposure – remember that series ?) . Bought the compilation album of Creedence Clearwater Revival and enjoying it immensely – one of the downsides of being a teenage punk was a studied disdain for any music before 1975 (with the exception of the New York Dolls and the Velvet Underground and possibly Roxy Music) , so have spent the past few years discovering the 60’s…


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