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Ae fond (Glasgow) kiss

That’s just Glasgow, we’ll jist set about ye.. immortal words , and as a Guardian writer pointed out, years of marketing the softer side of Glasgow disappear in five seconds of inspired comment.. John Smeaton, airport baggage handler caught up in terrorist attack , internet hero of our time

And yet.. there is something Scotland with stylish about his response , articulate, energetic, mordantly funny and direct – that’s what’s caught the attention of the global media. Forbye he comes from Erskine, it’s Glaswegian everyman captured live on CNN. Co-incidentally there’s a survey out today that claims that Glasgwegians (can I start a campaign to ban the phrase ‘weegie’?, patronising unfunny insult that it is..) have the most civic pride in their city compared to anywhere else in the country. Hardly surprising – ok, I am biased, but I really would’ve bet the farm on that being the case.

It’s just hit me who the literary predecessor of John Smeaton is – it’s Private McAuslan of George McDonald Fraser’s brilliant books about a Scots regiment at the end of World War Two – the General Danced at Dawn is a classic , as is McAuslan in the Rough (with one of the most hysterical accounts of a game of golf that’s ever gone to print).


July 5, 2007 - Posted by | Glasgow

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