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vicpark2.jpg An earlier post revealed that I’m not a keen festival goer, but last Sunday I ventured along to Victoria Park to see what the Indian Summer was all about – given some complaints from last year’s event it seemed only sensible to check it out myself. First impressions – most of the park was untouched and available for use, and if you were a cheapskate you could sit on a bench outside the perimeter fence and still hear the bands. How irritating this would be if you were living next to it all weekend, I can only imagine, but the organisers had tried to angle the sound systems to minimise noise. Whether three competing sound systems worked is doubtful – we preferred the BBC6 small stage and really enjoyed Elvis Perkins. As the rain came down and I was sitting on my jacket sipping warm Irn Bru (uneasily aware of grass stains accumulating) , the charms of the day faded and the exit beckoned, so missed the Flaming Lips. Given they were the headliners, that was a bit mad, but there’s only so much discomfort I can take. Spent last week investigating issues raised by residents and on my own account – fallen trees, generator dumped in the pond (was everyone walking about with their eyes shut ?), not enough bins, damage to the grass pitch .. The repeat of Still Game was on when I went home – and if that episode about the bench wasn’t filmed in Victoria Park and Ruchill Park, then I don’t know my parks..


July 22, 2007 - Posted by | Victoria Park

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  1. Having also attended the festival last weekend, it took me a wee while to realise that there was actually a concert on in the park. Ok it was a bit quiter than it would normally be on fair weekend but it took me almost to getting to the entrance to the festival itself to acutally hear the background noise and that was with bands on 2 of the 3 stages. Given that the last bands finished at 10.30pm then there should not have been too much disruption for anyone local.

    Comment by Kat | July 23, 2007 | Reply

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