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Eight Days a Week ?

Asking for feedback on my blog, and one media savvy person acidly commented that only my friends and opponents would read it.  Another, kinder person opined that I should have regular updates on my councillor activity and what’s happening in the ward, and not mix that up with the op-ed pieces and political soundings -off . How best to do that ? A weekly update seems the best option, so here goes… In the past week I’ve been out to Broomhill primary to try to sort out what’s happening about new accomodation for after-school care, had my first day-time surgery (only ever had evening surgeries before, trying different options now) , a Community Health Partnership meeting (working on a new health hub for older people’s services in Partick in Church St ) , chaired a Local Authority Action for Southern Africa meeting, been to Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Board meeting, and a dinner to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Indian Independence and chaired the Business Bureau meeting of the council – and those are the ones I can post about, not including various informal and confidential meetings. Can’t post about casework as it’s not appropriate. Mansfield Park was featured briefly on Newsnight Scotland tonight when there was a feature about delays in second stage transfers, and reference was made to the fact that Partick led the way in housing assocation based community regeneration.


August 21, 2007 - Posted by | Broomhill, councillor, Glasgow, Partick

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