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Partick West News 01/09/07

Not a song title in sight for these weekly posts but these will be detailing issues and events in the ward, and what I’ve be doing as a local councillor. Dull but worthy as I’ve described other elected member blog postings, but may be of interest to some and after all, that’s one of my stated aims, to inform the local community (as well as indulging in on-line vanity publishing). Will update every Saturday, and last week’s week that was ..

First Saturday surgeries ever, in Whiteinch Centre at 11am and Partick Burgh Hall (PBH) at 1pm , bit busier than I expected, considering I don’t have my surgery posters yet  – come the dark miserable winter evenings I think I’ll be glad that 4 out of my 5 surgeries are in daylight. Am doing one evening, first Monday in Thornwood primary at 7pm , and another daytime, second Tuesday at noon in PBH. Most of my meetings this week were briefing meetings – including Strathclyde University’s Jordanhill campus plan, Notre Dame/St Peter’s primary building project, Whiteinch Housing Association , plus observing the Development and Regeneration scrutiny committee, and reporting to Whiteinch Community Council ( frantically printing out a written report an hour before the meeting as per usual). Multi-member ward working is a new dynamic for everyone and as I’m the sole Labour member , it seemed sensible to work out a form of turn and turn about with the other councillors on how we cover/attend community councils. It quickly became clear that the last thing the community groups want is us all four of us turning up en masse to give reports and thus dominate the meetings.  At Whiteinch, road safety issues caused by inconsiderate pavement parking and speeding were raised – the former is an issue I’m very familiar with in Partick but the latter’s not such an issue there as the streets are so jam packed with cars it’s impossible to speed. I have asked what would happen if a fire tender couldnt get down a street because of parked cars and the reply was “Oh, they’ll get there ……”  So, inconsiderate parkers beware, if your vehicle ever gets in the way of a fire engine and a fire then get ready for the consequences.


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