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Partick West News 08/09/07

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I know I said I wasn’t going to mix up local activities and issues with wider political issues, but any round up of my week has to include my visit to South Africa House to chair a meeting of Local Authorities for Southern Africa (already referred to in the blog, and the website to visit is The photos are of the mural to recognise the years of protests and campaigning in Trafalgar Square outside the South African embassy, and one of the major challenges is to continue to harness the energy that went into campaigning against anti-apartheid into continued support to rebuild the rainbow nation.  Another campaign that I was involved with in a small way this week was enabling a meeting of the Deepcut and Beyond – Armed Forces Families Justice Campaign to take place in the City Chambers last Saturday, and I was struck by the parallels between the pain and anger expressed by the families involved in this campaign and in Families Against Corporate Killers – it’s the lack of respect and institutional ignorance that excerbates the pain and loss that the relatives feel – having someone turn up on your doorstep without prior notice with your son’s belongings and half of them are missing – just sign here for what’s left of your boy…  To more local matters – Thornwood surgery and community council and one issue that’s emerging big time from all the community councils is attendance/ non-attendance of community police at meetings and lack of consistency in reporting. Whilst appreciating the difficulties in managing resources, there is a problem that community policing suffers from a high turnover of officers, plus being the reserve for any local difficulties.  Chaired another Business Bureau of the council, participated in a council Executive meeting and attended the CBI Scotland annual dinner with the First Minister as guest speaker, and had a deja vu all over again as he was the guest of honour for the Big Hearted Scotland awards the following night – John Smeaton got the biggest cheer of the night of course as he collected his award. All this with a stinker of a cold , and I don’t think I’m imagining this but I turned up to the council’s Executive meeting to find that someone had re-arranged the seating so I was isolated at one end of the committee table with at least 15 feet between me and the next person..! Don’t exactly blame them as this virus is doing the rounds and apparently the 6th of September is the peak day of the year for sickies – something to do with the schools being back …


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