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Partick West News 15/09/07

Supermarket wars in Partick ? Glasgow Harbour have just submitted a planning application for a large supermarket (brand unspecified) and residential develoment at the west end of their site between South Street and the riverside. Potentially this could be an alternative site for Tesco in a location that makes a bit more sense, but the worst of all worlds would be if two planning applications were granted for mega-stores in the area. Interesting develoments in the Partick Tesco saga but the case still has to be made against the Beith Street/Partick Cross application. For more info, including the Harbour press release got to

So a busy week including a surgery, and a Strathclyde Pension Fund board meeting with an interesting briefing on the current state of markets in the light of US money market nervousness following the NINJA (no income no job) mortgages collapse, and lo and behold the very next day Northern Rock made their exposure known. The little I know about economics the more I’m convinced it’s an art not a science and casino economy just about sums it up..

Partick community council’s discussions were mostly about crime, parking and naturally, supermarkets. Visited Yorkhill fire station and discovered that dumped refuse and fly-tipping  is a real issue – lots of low level fires , and yet another reason to sort this out.  Ended the week at the celidh to celebrate the first anniversary of the Whiteinch community centre, and can’t resist giving the venue a plug – it’s perfect for a party – although the Annexe is great too .. !!


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