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Making people pay extra for their bin collections if they’re not recycling enough..nothing is more guaranteed to bring on a Victor Meldrew moment – “I don’t believe it..!” This flags up another issue as well – the extent to which Audit Scotland is attempting to have a say in the running of councils , this is slipping from monitoring spending into dictating policy.. The justification for encouraging councils to levy extra charges is to encourage recycling , except that levying charges on manufacturers and retailers who produce food and other goods with excess packaging would tackle the issue at source. It’s quite bizarre how the onus is being put on the individual consumer to shoulder the burden of responsibility for climate change – whilst personal consumption habits are important, lets not lose sight of the fact that global pollution is more of a corporate rather than a personal responsibility. In Glasgow we’ve enough problems in encouraging appropriate use of the existing free regime of cleansing uplifts, never mind trying to charge extra for the service.  I’m trying to change the insane system of having set days for bulk uplift refuse from the kerbside on certain days in Partick – yes, isn’t it a bright idea to encourage citizens to make their streets look like a midden on a weekly basis.. There is a link to the previous posts about supermarkets and our poor food culture – our microwave ready meal fast food pre-packaged food culture inevitably creates more refuse but attempting to enforce fines for excess refuse would be impossible, especially in tenements and flats and this is one idea that needs to be firmly kicked into touch, hopefully by all parties.


September 20, 2007 - Posted by | Cleansing, Recycling

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