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Eton rifles…

Not that I believe in inverse snobbery, but there’s something deeply unpalatable about David Cameron’s air of ineffable smugness and conscious belief in his own superiority and fitness to rule us mere mortals. His would be tour de force conference speech – look at me, I can speak without autocue, ie; waffle on for far too long without making a single memorable policy pledge or commitment – was bland and unconvincing, but then, I’m biased.. There was only one moment when I thought he came close to hitting a target, on the broken convenant theme (although this had been picked up on by Des Browne the week before, when he announced improved support for the troops ) , but Cameron’s “hey, I’m Dave, a cool, regular guy” persona precluded being able to land a real killer blow at any point. That was his dilemma – how to be the face of “new” politics, so hip, and so trendy that he even knows about My Space and Facebook (and was his mention of the “Cameron is a hottie” Facebook group cringe making or what ? Yes, it exists, I checked)…Desperately striving to imply that voting Conservative is a modern and forward thinking lifestyle choice – but at the same time having to sell tired traditional old tory policies on tax cuts, Europe and heaven help us, national service (only not called that, had to be rebranded for the 21st century as citizenship service).  Until today I’d thought the speculation about an autumn election was just so much hot air, and I was wishfully hoping for a bit of a rest after May. After today I’m thinking – November 1st, we’d better cancel the full council meeting and make sure the SECC is booked for the count…although that might just be my fighting instincts being roused by the sight of the Tory faithful en masse. On reflection I’m still hoping it’s May 1st 2008 to co-incide with next round of English and Welsh local elections and I get my holiday this month as planned !


October 4, 2007 - Posted by | General Election, Tories

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