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Partick West News 6/10/07

Nothwithstanding all the election speculation, life goes on with a busy week of community and council meetings. Some weeks you end up being out almost every night at a meeting and for me it always seems to be the first week of the month. Introduced myself to Jordanhill community council, had a good discussion about the value of the internet for publicising the work of community councils, agreed that the council should do more to support them in developing and maintaining websites and discovered that at least one of their members reads this blog which goes some way to confirming my view that used properly blogging can be a valuable method of communicating for elected members. Broomhill community council discussed the proposed development at Broomhill Avenue which is causing concern over the loss of greenspace. Chaired the Business Bureau and we’re going to put a paper to the next Executive meeting to approve the guidelines we’ve drawn up on multi-member ward working, role profiles, scrutiny committees and conference reports. It’s not possible to legislate/have protocols for every aspect of our work, especially in the new political dynamic, but the Business Bureau is a process, not an event (hmm, sounds familiar..)


October 9, 2007 - Posted by | Broomhill, Council, Jordanhill

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