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Partick West News 13/10/07

Sometimes I think people imagine councillors are incredibly powerful and all you need to do is lift the phone and demand “make it so” – oh, I wish.. After 8 years experience I’ve realised it doesn’t quite work that way. In the early days after my first election (before emails and members liaison officers) I was still taken aback by the fact that one department (Education) used to take six weeks to get back to me – it’s not quite as bad as that now, but sometimes you hit a brick wall and have to employ other tactics. So it proved this week with the Balshagray Road school crossing patrol issue – a dual carriageway that was left without a lollipop lady/man, since the start of the new school term in the hopes that timed traffic lights would be sufficient, and that would be one less location to staff up. Whoops, how wrong can you be – and there was a wee bit of prevarication in the answer to my enquiries after parents contacted me  (staffing problems, except I then found out there were no instructions to recruit for that location) , which was very unfortunate as I then had no problems with supporting the parents campaign in the Evening Times.

Result – reinstatment of the crossing patrols , thank you and goodnight Vienna.


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