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Partick West News 20/10/07

A sure sign of a blogger being on holiday or having computer malfunction is when the updates cease.. I had high hopes of being able to maintain a seamless service from the internet terminals on board the cruise ship where I was having my first holiday since the elections, but at £10 for five minutes I swiftly reassessed my need to communicate globally and learnt to deal with Facebook deprivation symptoms. Thanks to the Blackberry (and first class office support) I was able to keep up with enquiries and casework , and will do a more detailed post on issues in the ward that emerged whilst I was away, but the main ones are the halting of the sale of council land to preserve greenspace in Broomhill, the presentation to Whiteinch Community Council on Glasgow Harbour’s supermarket and housing plan, and Post Office closures. John Robertson MP has experience of campaigning successfully on this important issue and will be working with him on this over the weeks and months to come.


October 25, 2007 - Posted by | Broomhill, Council, councillor, Glasgow Harbour, Post Office, Whiteinch

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