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An end to the right to buy ! That’ll be the headline following Nicola Sturgeons announcement on housing policy except that it’s not quite as clear cut as that – a consultation process , followed by legislation … to restrict the right to buy for NEW social rented housing. So existing properties can still be bought ? Not much there to ease the pressure on social housing in Partick and the west end of Glasgow (and any other area where there’s a shortage of land) and it’s doubtful that there could be enough new builds in the future to be reserved for rent for to meet demand. However, it would be a bold politican that stood up and told existing tenants that their rights were being restricted, as the levels of discount coupled with the soaring value of properties in Partick has meant that in the past some families have benefited significantly from the right to buy. Eight years ago at one of the first briefings I had from Partick Housing there was a chart produced which showed a significant percentage of pensioners exercising the right to buy and taking flats off the waiting lists. It’s arguable that people pay rent for years and years and why shouldn’t they have something to show for it and if their sons and daughters want to help them buy their flats to hand on as an inheritance, well, why not ? Another way to look at it is that this is a form of privatisation , taking a public asset into private control and denying other people the opportunity to access decent housing ?


October 31, 2007 - Posted by | Housing, Partick

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