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On the day that the link between diet and cancer was the lead story on many news bulletins and newspapers, I found it strangely appropriate to be attending a fundraising event for Tak Tent – the cancer support charity. One of the speakers made the valid point that every family will be affected by this illness/issue at some point , and until this year our family would’ve been the exception rather than the rule. However, my cousin died of melanoma this summer, and an abstract sympathy and understanding of an issue suddenly became all too real. The media always reports on research that tries to identify potential causes , but it appears as if the jury’s out on the significance of diet and lifestyle – genetics and family history are factors as well, but it seems as if the bitterest pill to swallow for many people and their families is the sheer randomness and unfairness of it all. Some of the models in the Tak Tent fashion show were recovering patients – sometimes the description of people as heroes or survivors is used in a casual and inappropriate way – not in their case.


November 1, 2007 - Posted by | health

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