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Partick West news 10/11/07

Attended Thornwood community council with fireworks going off as a background to their meeting on Bonfire night, which made an interesting counterpoint to my report and that of the local police. The main piece of work I’ve been involved in this week was finalising  our radical plan to create the most devolved and community centred area committees ever – 21 to mirror the new multi-member wards. This is an issue I’ve been progressing through the Business Bureau and has cross-party support – I’ve championed the idea of having very local committees as there’s a need for forums to focus on services and priorities at community level as well as the high level strategic forums. We’ve been listening to our community councils and also thinking about how to make the new multi-member wards work to deliver the best possible outcomes for our areas. There is an additional cost attached to this way of working (ie ; more area committees than ever before)but we believe its worth resourcing and finding the funding to make this happen even in a tight financial situation – its a price worth paying. Chaired a meeting of the Whiteinch Centre group which runs the community centre in the immediate aftermath of hearing the Commonwealth Games announcement (see previous blog post) , and I have to admit it was difficult to attend to business when everyone just wanted to go and celebrate ! Finished the week in George Square at Remembrance Sunday, and I’ve always believed that participating in this event is a civic duty and that the wearing of a poppy doesn’t condone war, it’s about respecting the sacrifice of those who serve and it’s one of the most significant and poignant reminders of the insanity and futility of war. My grandfather’s name is on a war memorial of a most unusual kind – in Kirkbean in Kirkcudbright , and it’s a memorial “to the men of this parish who served and survived”.


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