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If a week is a long time in politics then its undoubtedly true that a day can be an eternity – how quickly things can move and battle lines can has been proved by “les evenements” (an echo of Macmillans’s quote of “events dear boy” – his response when asked what shapes political life – a remark that’s never been more relevant than now..) So how do Labour bloggers respond in the face of the viral speculation that’s dominating the blogsphere ? Some have chosen to ignore it – but that’s not exactly credible – if you’re putting your opinions on anything and everything to do with local and national politics out on the web then you can’t exactly turn a blind eye to the media maelstrom surrounding the Labour party at the moment. On the other hand, I’m reminded of the old joke about “how do porcupines mate ?” Answer : very, very carefully.. So, with that in mind, I’ll confine my remarks to this observation – if the whole donor stushie is used as an excuse to break the links with the trade unions then the party really will be over..


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