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Which is exactly what Councillor Ruth Black has done by leaving Solidarity to join the Labour Group on Glasgow City Council, the first defection to our party inside the Chambers that I can remember. I would advise her not to read the vitriolic and puerile bile that’s been spewing out on some of the online comments pages following the announcement.  What some people fail to grasp is the nature of local government politics – that in many ways it is (and should be) the least party political arena and that often we want to work together on issues to effect change locally and can find common cause more easily than most. Maybe it says more about some people’s political priorities that they can’t understand her wanting to work on gender based violence and trafficking and other equalities issues as part of a Labour administration in the council.. ?  It’s a world away from student politics and the Westminster/Holyrood bubble and in my experience most people don’t really care that much about the party political identity of their local councillor – it’s more important to them that you deal with their enquiry/problems/local issues – even now in the “new” politics of multi-member wards. As for the calls for a by-election following a defection , can any other party really say that’s what they’d do if she’d joined them ? Really, truly.. ? Defections haven’t ever been welcomed by other political party bloggers in Scotland , hmm ?


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