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Rebel, Rebel

“Wan way in, no way oot” is the subtitle of an exhibition at GOMA , Rebel Land.

I  opened it last month but what with a bad case of blogging lethargy over the festive season, am only now getting around to posting about it. Artist Anthony Schrag and writer Magi Gibson helped young people to articulate their feelings about identity and one poem in particular, Menshies, really resonated for me – It was the third in a series of exhibitons designed to explore the issues of sectarianism as a divider in communities , but this showed that for many young people territorialism is as big a problem – it put me in mind of the Likely Lads episode when Terry does his famous rant about foreigners but ends up slagging off his next door neighbours… ” and I dont much like them at number 27 either” .. I was quizzed by students writing for a campus mag at the launch, who wondered if is this the image we want to portray of Glasgow in a city centre gallery, but answered it’s a reality and we can’t deny or ignore it.  Incidentally, I’ve noticed a new category in bookstores – “Painful lives” , in other words there’s a market for true life horror stories of abuse and neglect, and can’t help thinking something vaguely creepy about that subject generating profits for publishing companies.. However, maybe anything that makes people think and realise the barriers some people face in their lives and that it’s just not all about “attitude”  – it’s all very well to point to facilities and support available, but when kids get beaten up for daring to cross a road to enter someone else’s territory to go to the community centre, health centre, library or sports hall – not to mention accessing training or work.. that brings home the scale of the challenge.


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