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Love will tear us apart (maybe not..)

So, I havent blogged for some time, but it has absolutely nothing to do with what’s been happening in my personal life – as with many bloggers I’ve been wondering what’s the best use of the blogsphere and have decided it’s got to be ward news so my personal opinions and life are going on the back burner and this is now going to be Partick West news only – for anyone that doesn’t know, or hasn’t read the Herald Diary, I’m engaged to an SNP activist, Chris Stephens (an active blogger, the giant step forward) and for anyone that’s politically active, am sure they understand that being interested in politics and wanting to discuss issues and staying up to watch the US primaries and having a political anorak’s knowledge of arcane electoral facts is as important as what star sign you are and at least you have an understanding why your time isn’t your own and why answering emails at 11pm is normal and why you must go out leafleting at the weekend instead of enjoying a lie-in’s all part of being in a relationship. no matter what party you are but at least you understand some of the pressures….And that’s all I’ll ever write about it..


April 14, 2008 - Posted by | councillor, Labour party, Partick, SNP

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