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Partick West News 22/04/08

First day of the Public Local Inquiry in to the Tesco proposals for a megasupermarket with student housing in Partick (also known as Plan B, along with another back-up plan for a superstore without housing which is also being appealed ) , and the major revelation today came from their retail consultant who gave evidence that included the announcement that Tesco will be opening up this summer in Partick, no matter what the outcome of the planning inquiry.. No, not that it’s a done deal and the Scottish government planning reporter will be recommending that the minister rubber stamp the highly contraversial proposals that have been the subject of more objections to any planning application in Partick that I’ve ever seen – but that it appears as if Tesco have secured a unit on Dumbarton Road in the new PHA development and will be opening up a Tesco Express. Which in a way proves a couple of things – one that they’re determined to get a foothold in Partick no matter what, and secondly that could be said to undermine their case for Beith Street. Why have two versions of their brand of shop within 100 metres of each other, unless they are truly set on turning Partick into Tesco town ? 


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