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So, having decided it’s ward news only from now on, I can’t help but digress by posting the text of my first ever complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.. was watching the Man U /Barca game tonight and when it finished , found myself watching a carelessly tasteless advert that turned me into a female Victor Meldrew.. “I don’t believe it..!” , and immediately sent this email of complaint..

” The advert was demeaning to women and very offensive, especially the words about wishing women could be kept in a cupboard, like a Pot Noodle. In the week that the shocking news broke about the abuse case in Austria where a woman was kept incarcerated by her father , this was tasteless in the extreme. The timing of the advert , after a football game, showed that the target audience was men – and the tone was no doubt intended to be humorous, but this post-feminist “ironic” demeaning of women is reaching unacceptable levels and must be challenged. I have never complained about an advert until tonight, but hope many others are similarly moved to complain. I feel like writing to the company to explain why I will never buy their product again. ”

Also in the category of you couldn’t make it up, was an exhibition in a giant tent in George Square this weekend, showcasing Scottish food , sponsored by… Tesco ! Before any conspiracy theorists have a field day, this is purely co-incidental, as the public local enquiry into the Beith Street planning applications enters its second week. Will post my pre-cognititon statement and a report of giving evidence to the enquiry, which will either be tomorrow or Thursday.


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