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No, not a reference to a referendum…although come to think of it, that’s one possible theme song.. My closing comment to the Tesco enquiry was – let’s not do it .. to use a technical term.. Planning issues very much to the fore in the ward just now , as today I was speaking to another proposal that has generated objections (although not in the same volume a Tesco..) , a proposal to have yet another cafe in Hyndland Street. What’s wrong with that, people might ask, until you look at the small tenemental block where there’s already a pub (that wants to extend), a restaurant, a takeaway and a deli/cafe. The planning committee agreed that this was an overprovision that would impact on residents quality of life/amenity, and refused the plans. Hyndland Street is one of the best, most interesting streets in the ward for food and drink and quirky shops, and it’s no co-incidence that the street has improved since the Farmers Market started on Mansfield Park. Work continues on the park upgrade and had a meeting today to make plans for the Xmas/Winter event as the park should be re-opened in October. A glorious day and visited Victoria Park to look into complaints about the state of the park ponds – fantastic excuse to escape the Chambers and get some sun !


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