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Broomhill Sports Club celebrated their first ever prize giving in Partick Burgh Hall this week – over 600 children getting club medals and individual awards for the best players and it was fantastic, – it’s the sort of event that politicans would crawl over broken glass to attend so was delighted to be asked to be on stage with the real celebs , the kids and coaches and parents who’ve made this club so successful.

Also this week I attended a celebration at the SECC , ten years of the Armadillo as well as awards for best conference centre – which got me thinking about how far Glasgow has had to come since the 80’s. The BBC Parliament channel showing the 1983 election coverage underlined that – the thing that really exercises me about the Tories is how rotten they were about managing the post-industrial landscape. They had no strategy for positioning the country to deal with the shifts in manufacturing, globalisation, the need to invest in skills and research and people – and it’s taken years for Glasgow to recover from that.  Glasgow’s not only got the Commonwealth Games but is bidding to be a UNESCO City of Music – and it’s not just because of the classical/orchestral heritage, but the folk, jazz and rock scene. We’ve come a long way from bands scraping around to find places to play and not being able to get into see bands unless you knew someone or could blag your way into a student union – at one time it was so dire that bands had to go to Edinburgh to get a gig..!  


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