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Suddenly all the focus of the UK political universe is on Glasgow East, and one of the most interesting by-elections in living memory is on my doorstep. Recess, what recess ? Incidentally, the council’s recess is no such thing , compared to Holyrood or Westminster. Yes, for the month of July there are no scheduled committee or full council meetings and most councillors aren’t holding surgeries, but it’s not unheard of for planning, licensing and personnel appeal committees to take place.

However, this “recess” has just vanished for every councillor/political activist/journalist in the city (and beyond) and am just reflecting on the fact that when setting the date for our wedding we picked July because “no-one ever calls an election in July” … (actually not true, there have been by-elections in July before but we were trying to avoid a general election) Luckily it’s July 2009 for the Colleran – Stephens nuptials, contrary to what most people think as the Herald diary story made it sound as if the big day was imminent.

So, the runners and riders are being finalised this week, but the starters pistol sounded on Monday. We had two sets of TV crews following us on Wednesday and one cameraman was gasping as he tried to keep up with the blitzing – I love the drop a dress size side effect of campaigns.. I have it in my heart to feel a bit sorry for the citizens of Glasgow East as they’re about to experience political overkill , something akin to the citizens of New Hampshire who often hold presidential fates in their hands.


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