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Perfect Day

Ok, so more than a hint of irony in the title choice for this post – just in case it’s escaped anyone’s notice, there’s been a slight technical hitch in the selection/campaign launch process for Labour in Glasgow East and any attempts to pretend otherwise would be just plain daft. Cue mega gloating in the blogsphere, but that’s showbiz, sorry, I mean, politics. How much all of this stramash impacts on the voters, we’ll find out on the 24th . Having said that I’ve just remembered something from every political obsessive’s favourite show (no prizes for guessing) , and in the episode “20 hours in America” , Josh says to Toby “Campaigns aren’t about candidates, they’re about the voters “… Now, that’s not 100 percent accurate, but sometimes we can get so caught up in talking about the “who” that we forget about the “what”, and whilst every elected politician would love to think it’s themselves as individuals that the public are voting for , it’s rarely the case. It’s the party, stupid. Overestimating personal votes is dangerous as that way egos spiral out of control , but on the other hand when it comes down to a marginal vote then that can be the X factor..which brings me nicely back to “doh”, as it were…


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