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I could lie and say I wish I was back home , chapping doors of total strangers and asking personal questions designed to fit people into a box and then into a database.. Or, I could be enjoying floating in the Aegean sea with a scorching sun beating down, not a cloud in the sky and the toughest decision of the day being which taverna to go to for dinner.. Right, that’s the Judith Chalmers style report/gloat over – my conscience is clear, I’m only away for seven days so will hit the campaign trail for the final week of Glasgow East, plus my unique pairing arrangement has taken an snp activist out of the game as well. Having to read Ian Hamilton’s book Stone of Destiny seems a small enough price to return. Am receiving regular reports from the front and battle is well and truly joined – one thing that strikes me though is how ironic it is that it’s usually only at elections there’s a real intensity and drive to engage with the wider public (as opposed to the small numbers of people active in community and party politics) – no wonder people are cynical about process if the only time they see politicans at their door is when they want something from them.


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  1. Ian Hamilton was once a Babbity stalwart. I hear at the ripe old age of 83 he still falters around on his motorbike…although it would be a test of ultimate courage to risk a backie!! Ah Greece…sounds delightful. I will remind you to all your comrades on the campaign trail and we look forward to the photies. At least you will cut a dash with your glowing tan when you return to the fold. Where did I put that St Tropez???

    Comment by veronica | July 12, 2008 | Reply

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