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Partick West News 18/07/08

Notwithstanding the fact that the centre of the political universe would appear to be Glasgow East – life goes on elsewhere and this has been a big week for Partick. Luckily, the three major pieces of news for the ward emerged today on my first day back from holiday as I wouldnt like to be dealing with this from a distance – firstly the future of the Partick Annexe Healthy Living Centre looks a bit more secure with a recommendation for continued funding from the CHCP (Community Health and Social Care Partnership) West – good ! I can’t even begin to contemplate what would happen if the Annexe was to close , and the uncertainty hasn’t been at all helpful.

Next, news from the Lottery about the final phase of Mansfield Park – refused (bad!) , but vindicates the decision to go ahead with the first phase of work on the sports pitch and market square. A million pounds worth of work is going on , there’s just been a bit of a problem with securing the extra funding. Major disappointment but there is a possibility of an appeal. Biggest stumbling block appears to be the fact that the Friends of Mansfield Park have a 99 year lease but not ownership of the site.

So, everything happens in threes – and the third and biggest piece of news is about Tesco. The planning enquiry reporter has made his ruling (presumably endorsed by the Scottish Government minister) – and it’s a curates egg. No to the stand alone supermarket, yes to the mega development of student housing and a 24 hour store. Am utterly bemused as to why this is the case – but the decision of the council to sell the land holding it has at the Beith Street site to Glasgow Harbour means that although Tesco appear to have secured a planning consent, they don’t own all the land . So, there’s a major obstacle for Tesco to overcome. It’s always been a puzzling for people to understand that it’s possible to obtain a planning consent for land you don’t own, so there is a bit of a roadblock to this development going ahead. Also, the traffic issues are so major that there would have to be a further consultation on promoting a traffic regulation order which might mean another public enquiry. This isn’t the end of the story , but, having given evidence at the enquiry against the Tesco plans , I am convinced that there were sound planning reasons for refusing these applications, and still maintain that a megastore designed to attract shoppers in cars from all over the west end to the heart of Partick will do nothing for the local environment or community. The council wasn’t able to make the decision, thanks to Tesco making the appeal to the government, but at least the public enquiry was quite thorough in terms of enabling a detailed examination of the issues, which makes it all the more inexplicable that the recommendation is to grant the worst possible option.


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