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Partick West News 10/10/08

I did think of entitling this post after the Grace Jones song “Pull up to the bumper”, as the main news affecting the ward is the results (finally) of the parking consultation , which have been released to the elected members and will be in the public domain today – and can be summarised as “non, nein, nyet” …That doesn’t surprise me with regards to Broomhill , after the meeting last May, where we were left in no doubt as to the public mood.  I’m always wary of public meetings as a litmus test, as the loudest and most aggressive voices are usually to the fore , but this was a very well conducted meeting that the community council convened. When not one single person in an audience of 200 plus has a good word to say for a proposal, then that’s a bit of a heads up…Even the areas under most pressure from commuter and hospital parking, Partick and Claythorn have given the proposal for a residents parking zone the thumbs down – but only just. Am not sure of the way forward now, because there is a real problem in those areas – maybe the credit crunch will lead to reduced car use and more use of public transport ? A faint hope, and given that there’s been a policy change on hospital car parking charges, perhaps it’s a case of keeping things under review ? Having said that – vox populi …


October 10, 2008 - Posted by | Broomhill, Partick |


  1. The areas that only just rejected the proposals should be consulted again. There were 9% “Don’t Knows” in two Partick areas. Many did not feel informed enough to vote. There was no public meeting held in Partick. The benefits, drawbacks, teething problems, experiences of residents in established zones should really be discussed more widely now in the areas with a tighter vote.

    Comment by James Oakes | October 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree , more work should be done in the areas where the margin of the vote was close – having represented Partick for nine years, I know that parking problems are just getting worse every year , but any proposals for restrictions should be clearly understood and supported by local residents before any implementation.

    Comment by allabouteve | October 11, 2008 | Reply

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