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“Cut my tongue out
I’ve been caught out ”

Oh, the perils of blogging – in his eagerness to score points during a by-election and take credit for other people’s work, Bailie McDonald has over-reached himself somewhat. Happy to tag along on a ministerial visit to projects and facilities in his multi-member ward and all too quick to blog about the positive benefits of investing in youth facilities and diversionary activity , he seems to have forgotten his more negative feelings about the Barlanark Gym that is pictured on his latest post.

That doesn’t quite square with his sneering at the facility on the Baillieston SNP website last year , and I quote ..

 ” Residents in Barlanark were amazed when an outdoor gym suddenly appeared in Sandaig Park ! No one locally asked for it. No one locally was consulted about it!

SNP councillor John Mason looks onto the gym from his kitchen window. He says, “We all know that physical exercise is good for us. But an outdoor gym in wet Glasgow seems a bit stupid.”

Fellow SNP councillor David McDonald added, “There should have been consultation on what local people wanted here. It cost £55,000 and the money could have been better spent.”


Incidentally, congratulations to John Mason MP on his maiden speech, in which he accurately describes the constituency as – certainly not an area of uniform devastation, as some have had us believe-in fact, it is a very mixed area, like so many others. …Much of the ’50s and ’60s housing has been refurbished or demolished, with new and better housing in its place “ , and goes on to acknowledge that ” Some old schools have been combined and replaced with excellent modern facilities “ . Quite. And who did this exactly ? The tooth fairy ? Or was it Labour led Glasgow City Council in partnership with the previous Labour-Liberal Scottish Executive and local housing assocations ?


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