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Schools out

Or in .. depending on whether keeping young people in school during lunch times is an answer to the problems of chaos and litter in streets around secondary schools as the pupils pile out of school to hit the nearest chippy/takeaway – with the consequential effects on their health as well as degrading the local environment. One of the interesting aspects of teenage litter fall-out is that all the years of eco-schooling and environmental education is that for a minority this doesnt always translate to personal behaviour..not to mention first flat syndrome as some students and young people who may, in all probablity consider voting Green, are unable to undertake the tedious chore of bagging their refuse and putting it in the communal bin shelters…So, as an attempt to address the school meals issue, the Labour group agreed yesterday to pilot a project that proposes keeping first year pupils in secondary schools in at lunchtime. Hopefully the full council will agree to try this – and the fact that St Thomas Aquinas Secondary is one of the pilot schools was welcomed by Jordanhill Community Council last night. I do remember my own school days (ok, not yesterday)and will admit to trips to the City Bakeries for fried egg rolls and Eiffel Towers or pineapple cakes washed down with a can of Irn Bru and an additional dessert course of Mars Bars and Creme Eggs…but just because I survived on a diet of saturated fats and e-numbers doesnt mean it was right…!


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  1. Just wondering, taking a look at your ironically named post Aileen, what your thinking is on the proposed school closures – in or out? Do you support the way your group just landed this on parents with no pre consultation? And do you honestly think the council can manage to collate and analyse properly TWENTY FIVE consultations at the same time? Genuine question and of course I don’t expect you to publicly criticise your labour group but I am interested to hear if you will defend them.

    Comment by Indygal | February 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks for posting a comment Anne, and due to a hiatus in blogging, I haven’t responded until now. Due to the sad circumstances surrounding your entrance into Holyrood, am not sure if congratulations would be in order, but all the best in your new role, and welcome to the world of difficult decisions – there is a world of difference between activism and representation, as I’ve discovered in the past ten years.
      Your comment poses questions that have self-evident answers, and I would simply refer to the manifesto on which all the SNP councillors in Glasgow were elected on in 2007, which states ;
      “The amalgamation and new build of a number of primary schools in Glasgow is welcome if
      somewhat belated. For years Labour councillors ran scared of facing up to declining school
      roles and deteriorating buildings. “

      In other words – the SNP council group supports taking the difficult decision to consult on school mergers and wishes the strategy for rationalising the schools estate to progress at a faster pace. Or has that vision altered ?
      The priority must now be to refurbish or rebuild the many primary schools throughout the City which are well attended, often have good HMI reports, yet which are in sub-standard buildings.
      No argument there but how will that be funded ? When will the SFT deliver those refurbished schools for Glasgow ? This year, next year, sometime, never ? Education is important, if only to enable the correct use of language ( rolls , not roles).

      Comment by allabouteve | February 12, 2009 | Reply

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