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What this blog is for

I decided to set up this blog to enable more people to interact with me , partly in my role as local councillor for Partick in Glasgow but this is principally a personal blog – not an ‘official’ one. Major disclaimer – these are entirely my own opinions…

Why do a blog ? Obvious answer – to communicate with people – to try to reach out beyond the ‘usual suspects’ – and that’s not to denigrate the people who are active and involved in local community politics, but to recognise that one of the challenges in being an elected representative is how to reach people who don’t go to public meetings or surgeries or community councils.

Also, I’m doing this because I like writing.

When I was a teenage punk I started a fanzine. Yes, really – strange but true – it was called Alive and Kicking, just before Simple Minds used it as an album title – a case of synchronicity as they were one of the bands I used to follow , in their pre stadium rock days when they played places like Clouds in Edinburgh, Glasgow Art School and Ayr Pavilion . It ran to four or five editions, sold via Rough Trade and Listen record shops, and now I’m fascinated by blogging as it’s the ultimate in DIY publishing.

Am going to try and mix it up a bit – not just a record of what I’m doing as a local councillor as I’ve looked at a variety of blogs over the past few months. I accept that endless photos of me at community events (ok, there might be one or two of those) and bland accounts of what I’ve been doing as a local councillor isn’t the best use of the potential of blogging .

On the other hand is it egotistical to assume people will be enthralled by my personal passions for films, books, music, food, websites, and TV ? The same impulse that led to me to putting together the fanzine with letraset and photomontages and spending my pocket money at Prontaprint now drives me to do this – and you can be the judge…I do hope that you enjoy my blog and that you leave comments, questions or queries – all welcome!


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